What can we do for you?

What do we do?

Well, Glove Consulting provides a growing number of Multi Academy Trusts with ongoing strategic communications and marketing support and consultancy - take a quick look at our client list here - https://www.gloveconsulting.co.uk/clients

We can help your Trust as too.

We can (and do!):

• Through successful marketing, support the growth of your Trust and its objectives to encourage schools to join.

• Provide strategic advice and guidance on the best way forward in relation future developments for your Trust that involve communication to new or existing stakeholders.

• Assist in communication and celebration of the successes of your Trust and schools and strategically support Trust schools with their individual marketing plans to secure corporate and individual brand awareness.

• Assist movement towards financial self-sufficiency at Trust and individual school level with a structured and scalable approach to income generation.

• Support the growth of your Trust and its objectives to develop strategic partnerships with organisations that are aligned to your Trust and its Vision and Values.

• Assist your Trust re co-ordination in the initial set up of Trust communications.

• Assist your Trust re the co-ordination of Trust external and internal communications.

• Assisting your Trust in communications with stakeholders to ensure the Trust’s message, offer and brand is correctly communicated and utilised.

If you feel we can help you then why not contact us?

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