5 ways to keep your marketing going over the summer break



School’s out for summer! But your marketing programme isn’t. As your staff and students unwind at the beach (or bar!), it’s important to remember that a programme of marketing still needs to be managed. Here are five tips to ensure it is all in hand.

1) Round off the year

You will have had lots of things to celebrate over this school year. It takes very little time to round them all up into a celebratory email that can then be sent to all parents and posted on your website and social media on the last few days of term. This gets your holidays off to a great start and hopefully gains a few shares.

2) Allocate your team

Communications is a 12-month-a-year task. You can plan for lots of things, but you never know when something might spring up on social, or a journalist might call. Ensure you have allocated timeframes to your team over the break so that there is always someone to pick up the slack and respond in an emergency.

3) Programme your social
You can use a number of planning and scheduling apps (Hootsuite, Facebook, Tweetdeck, Buffer) to ensure that you have posts ready to run throughout August. Use hashtags such as #throwbackthursday #mindfulness #teacherfiveaday to place lots of inspiring and positive visuals that will ensure you have a presence. Ensure you keep your eye on the news and use your tact to delete any posts that may not work if something happens that needs sensitivity.

4) Shout about those results!
Have your releases ready, know your journalists and ensure you ready for one of the biggest events in the school year - results day. We have some top tips here to help you plan.

5) Get ready

Sorry to say this, but the new school year will be here before you know it. It’s not just lessons that need planning - what are your objectives for the school year and how will your marketing help you achieve these? Plan ahead for all the things you would like to promote and develop and ensure that you are ready to start the new school year with a hugely positive push. Welcome back blog posts, advice on uniform, communications to new parents, reassurance on the curriculum.

And most of all - a smiling, happy, professional team welcoming students and families to the school gates in September.

Happy holidays!

John BrennanComment