5 Tips on how to maximise your school’s exam results!

5 Tips on how to maximise your school’s exam results

As the UK exam season starts (deep breaths, everyone!!), it’s wise for schools to look ahead, in order to maximise the results when they come in.

Whether your students are taking GCSE’s, A Levels or SATs, exams bring with them preparation, planning and pressure, so it’s worth the celebration and promotion afterwards.

Your first priority on results day will of course will be to support the students as they learn their fate; celebrating the successes and looking at alternative options for those who might not have achieved their targets.

At the same time, this is an opportunity for you to promote all their (and your!) hard work, and the media LOVES a student feel-good story.

To ensure your results are marketed in the best possible way, here are five simple tips.

1) Pre-draft your press releases.

You need to issue a press release and image to the local newspaper newsdesks as soon as possible that day. An overview can be prepared in advance, with quotes and background, so that the results can be dropped in at the last minute. It’s worth calling up in advance to check the best emails to use and you should send the images to the picture desk if there is a separate email address.

2) Get good images – and get permissions!

Have a good photographer ready on the day. This is key - the local media loves a good group shot of celebrating students on GCSE and A Level results day. Ensure the group is diverse, or take a few good shots to include a good mix of students. Keep the image tight and bright. And don’t forget that its important to ensure all students have the appropriate photo permissions and you gain express permission to quote results.

3) Get social

Tweet the pictures! Tag the students, tag the local media. Most local press have a live feed focused on its region or town’s results that day, and then compile some of the best pictures online. So ensure you send them some pictures on Twitter as well as via email.

4) Thank the families

Tell the parents and carers. These are your stakeholders after all, and the best possible word of mouth to future students and parents. Once the dust has settled on their own personal celebrations, they need to be told the school’s overall results, in a letter or email, which thanks them for all their support. This has (hopefully) been a team effort, after all. 

5) Keep sharing

If your results are the best yet, or most improved, or highest in a certain subject, then these are great things to keep promoting. Ensure all the local schools in the age group below yours are told, put some posters around school, communicate the results on email signatures. Throw a party! Celebrate the results and ensure the students themselves feel proud. They’ve earned it.

John BrennanComment