MAT Resilience or “If you don’t get it right the first time, don’t give up!”

We have been having conversations recently with a number of MAT’s that share some of the following characteristics:

·         They are “small” Multi Academy Trusts with between 2 and 12 schools.

·         They are relatively “young” – between 1 – 3 years old.

·         They have all “stalled” in their overall development.

·         Their member schools are only “loosely” connected to the MAT leadership.

·         They have not scored highly on Sir David Carter’s Top 10 Things Good MATS should do “index”

·         They have not had a good understanding of a shared vision which is communicated consistently to all stakeholders.

·         They have recently either gained a new CEO or similar new leadership which is providing new direction.

·         They have all now come to understand that a successful MAT needs to deal with all the above and that excellent communication is the key to jump starting development and growth.

 That’s why they reached out to us at Glove Consulting – we can help MAT leaders who find themselves in need of;

·         a new approach

·         increased clarity

·         greater momentum

 – to make real progress, at pace, with impact.

This is very much about the resilience of fundamentally sound organisations brought together for all the right reasons. And if you didn’t get it right when your MAT as founded – don’t give up – we can absolutely help you start to realise your vision.

Please do take a look at all our services to education - and then get in touch – to see how we can help your Multi Academy Trust.

John BrennanComment