Hand in hand in hand...

So -  we have tweaked  our name to reflect our additional  services and added value. Because at the end of the day that is really what Glove – be it Marketing or Consulting – has always been about. Adding Value to your organisation, so that you can understand, adapt, plan, change and grow.

Through my 20 odd years being involved in education, I have found that, as marketing is just a reflection of the organisation, then fundamental change and improvement of that organisation has been required to achieve better “marketing” outcomes – be that growth, reputation change or renewal.  And because marketing just reflects the organisation , I have become more and more involved in helping schools and colleges identify those changes and help put them into action. Clients have enjoyed the process and the way we have gone about our work. So - although it pains me to say it – it isn’t all about Marketing!

And so to make the package that we offer fully “holistic” across all aspects of education management and to help you make those fundamental changes – be that teaching and learning, behaviour, business and finance, culture and ethos or communications and engagement – we are fine tuning our offer and our name change reflects that. We work with some of the most effective practitioners in these areas to provide education organisations with a new style of consultancy.

One that fits your needs and uses our unique combination of experience and skills to deliver a considered and strategic education development solution that fits you, your organisation and your stakeholders like a glove.

Take a look at what we have got to offer across our site.

John BrennanComment